All Inclusive Option

Delightful Dining

Discover the homely allure of our all-inclusive package at Banana Moon Hotel. We pride ourselves on serving a variety of International and Greek dishes, brimming with the flavors of Crete. From a European breakfast buffet enriched with local recipes to traditional Greek dishes for lunch and dinner, each bite promises a taste of our community's spirit.

Breakfast Buffet

Rise with the sun, enjoy a walk on the sandy beach or a dive in the sea waters and then enjoy a hearty breakfast where simplicity meets satisfaction. Our continental offerings are complemented by fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, ensuring you start your day with a true taste of Crete.

Lunch and Dinner

When the midday or evening hunger pangs strike, we're ready with a spread that includes freshly cut salads, tzatziki, local feta and olives, pasta with sauce selection, and heartwarming dishes from International or Greek recipes, served in a cozy buffet style. The main course, plated with care, brings our kitchen to your table.

The fresh seasonal fruits and light desserts fulfill your meals.

Beverage Selection

With meals, we offer a modest selection of wines, draft beer, and soft drinks to perfectly complement your dining experience.

Coffee Corner

Our 24-hour self-serve Coffee Corner is your go-to spot for a comforting cup of Greek coffee, a brisk espresso, or a classic filter coffee—ideal for those moments when you just want to relax and savor the slow pace of island life.

Snack Time

Between 11:00 and 18:00, help yourself to an assortment of casual finger foods available with the beverages at the coffee corner, perfect for a light bite under the sun.

Refreshment Availability

Stay hydrated and refreshed from 11:00 to 21:00 with our selection of water, soft drinks from Pepsi Cola, and draft beer from famous Fix Greek beer.

At Banana Moon Hotel, every meal is a chance to dine easily like a local, surrounded by the warm hospitality reflected from us.


Discovering Rethymno

A weeklong stay with us is the perfect opportunity to experience Crete beyond the hotel grounds. We suggest setting aside at least three days for adventures in the surrounding areas—a chance to witness the island's raw beauty and cultural landmarks.

Car Rental

For those who love the freedom of exploration, our hotel offers car rentals, allowing you to venture into the island's heartland, cruise down to the idyllic south coast, or amble through historic piers at your own leisurely pace.

Guided Tours

If you prefer to sit back and immerse yourself in the local scene without the fuss, we can arrange guided tours that offer enriching experiences and insights into the Cretan way of life.

Banana Moon Hotel is your cozy base for a true Cretan adventure—simple, inviting, and memorable.

Tailored Experiences for Groups and Individuals

We offer a personalized approach to group and individual retreats. Should you wish to align your stay with specific wellness or dietary preferences—be it vegan, vegetarian, or allergy-conscious meals—we are more than happy to accommodate your requests with advanced notice.

At Banana Moon Hotel, we celebrate the beauty of simplicity and the joy of personalized service.